Monday backpacking addendum

By Bob Geier - Posted on 27 July 2017

With the return of backpacking crews Patrol A and D, we have some additional reports from their adventures...

Patrol A reported that despite the rain, they had a beautiful hike with great views. There were some tough trail segments, including one spot where the trail jut did a 10 foot drop and they had to scramble down and pass their packs to each other one at a time. Andrew's massive height helped. When they arrived at Crater Lake the whole group went swimming, and then proceeded to play a game where they tried to lift large rocks off the bottom of the lake. The winning group was apparently a collaboration of Wyatt, Robin, and Andrew, who somehow managed to lift a rock as large as Wyatt from the bottom out of the water. Yes, these boys are strong, but a little bit weird. Kantaro proceeded to frighten and delight the group with his uncannily realistic impersonation of a seagull.

After their first day of hiking where Patrol Leader Daniel McNeil had somehow managed to carry the smallest pack and Mighty Mite Will Crow carried the most massive pack with half the patrol's gear the group forced a switch so that Daniel had Will's pack and vice versa. Efforts were then made to sneak the largest rocks possible into Daniel's pack for the remainder of the day. Despite the long 13 mile day that they faced on Monday (and all the adults back in camp making bets on them not making it), the group set a blazing pace. Even when Dawa tried to enforce once-an-hour rest stops Owen would insist "No! We want to keep going". D, after all, is for Death March. So they beat all the adult estimates, hit the final major uphill to the fire tower view, and after a brief argument about navigation ("Do we go back?" "I think we keep going on the AT" "No, we need to go down!") they shot a compass vector and ended up in the right place. Awesome job!