Monday Reports

By Bob Geier - Posted on 25 July 2017

Our second day started out with MORE RAIN. The water came fast and furious all through the first part of the morning as we tried to get breakfast going. The two patrols in camp (G & E) took it in stride, with some tasty breakfast burritos cooked under their patrol rain flies.


Camp Director Thomas and Scouter Bob drove out to check on the backpacking groups, and found both camped out around a beautiful mountain lake (“Crater Lake”) along the Appalachian Trail. Patrol A was looking quite cheerful, with the first year dynamic duo of Kantaro and Wyatt having done GREAT on their first backpack hike (“totally easy!”), PL Ben and APL Andrew firmly in charge and Robin bouncing around zanily. They arrived with lots of time to spare the night before.

Patrol D had a longer hike in the previous day and arrived in camp around 8pm, after a few hours march without water along the ridge line. They borrowed some water from Patrol A in exchange for a Thelma. We found them cooking up an oatmeal breakfast in the tail end of the rain. Some of them looked hungry enough to eat Patrol Leader Daniel, and Noah Spranger was seen breaking into the lunch supplies (oatmeal and summer sausage... yum!) Owen begged and pleaded for an early extraction, but there is a long tradition of Patrol D death marches to live up to. They were looking forward to a 7 mile hike, but we believe that was due to challenges with arithmetic since the actual route is about 13 miles long.

Happily, the sun broke out and both groups were looking at a beautiful cool and crisp day for their hike. We’ll have more news about them in the next update…

Wilderness Survival

Meanwhile, back in camp the Patrol E gang were engaged in Wilderness Survival instruction and practice with Dr. Fretz. They started out finding things to eat in the woods – lots of berries which Bradley bravely tried, plenty of worms, and one wood toad that Mountain Drew caught for the group. Yum!

The group went on to do some firebuilding, starting with Patrol Leader Liam demonstrating fire ABC’s from start to finish. Then, with Liam and Drew supervising the rest of the patrol set about the task of returning tree parts to their component molecules. It took three tries, but the men made fire!!

Sawyer, Bradley, & Emmet are currently out building an improvised shelter. They’re working well as a team, though there are some arguments about who will have to sleep in it tonight or tomorrow!

River Hike

The Patrol G group was out on the river hike today, starting at the Adams Creek waterfall. On his second day hiking the river, Scouter Max was targeted by a large tree that dropped across the river a couple of minutes after he went by. What is it with trees trying to kill Max? Was he a lumberjack in a previous life?

Evan Rago spent his time trying to sharpen stones along the way with his knife, which left everyone a bit perplexed. Most of the gang were using walking sticks for balance as they splashed their way down a river, but Gus had some sort of moral objection to using a walking stick and spent his time slip-hop-sliding with great success. There were no laggards in the Patrol G bunch, and they made great time until Patrol Leader Mark suffered a re-tweaking of an old track and field injury. APLs Jimmy and Parker took over, with Parker being a loyal friend and first aider as Mark hop-hobbled out. He’s icing his back while his patrol handles dinner, but is looking quite cheerful.

The two backpacking patrols have been picked up by our retrieval crews, both having successfully completed their distances despite the challenge! We’ll have more news of them in the next update after they get back to camp.