Parkour Trip Day 1

By Bob Geier - Posted on 04 June 2011

Live blogging the parkour trip...

The group got off to an on schedule departure and thanks to good navigation by PJ, Jackson, Sam, and Daniel managed to maintain an on-time run down to Indiana, with only a brief stop in Marshall for Wendys or McDonalds... Interesting because we haven't had any McDonalds fans in the troop for a while. Ryan and Steve bought about three burgers each plus fries and ice cream... Hungry fellows. Ryan had no trouble with his meal but Steve later paid the price for overindulgence. Bob taught Ryan and Brendan and Daniel all the fun things that can be done with sour cream and ketchup packets, much to the consternation of the patrol leaders who were trying to maintain civility and order. With that, Sam ordered the trip onward before there was any civilian collateral damage.

The group arrived at our destination, mounds state park. Nice park, big field, even a swimming pool for later if we want. Well, most of the group arrived. Jackson is still working on right from left, or east from west, and called in from somewhere east of the highway. "uh, dude, the park is west of the highway!". After some directional assistance they found their way, and everyone got camp set up in the dark. This is a pretty cool group, they did a pretty quick and solid job on camp setup, and settled in well. The only casualty was Bob who tripped over one of those big metal fire pit grates in the dark because he'd loaned his headlamp out to a scout.

While the park is nice, we did discover after midnight that the rail line runs nearby, and the trains that come by every 10 minutes insist on blowing their whistles every few seconds. Call it local color. We also enjoyed the turboprop aircraft operating out of the airport next to the campsite. Great inspiration for Railroading and Aviation MB!

Breakfast in the morning featured pancakes for Patrol C and hash browns, eggs, and bacon for Patrol D. It was a good communal cooking effort, with Brian (Bean) doing a good job on the stove lighting and hash browns and Drew working a second set of browns before Nima and Jason took over the bacon and eggs as old pros. Meanwhile the Patrol C gang got to do "live" first aid on Bob's leg injury from the fire pit the night before. David, Brendan, Steve, and Ryan all contributed to the "simple cuts and scratches" first aid effort, but Steve was clearly in his element as "head med". We are pleased to report that Bob's leg will survive, everyone ate well, and we're off to Parkour.