Patrol E/F Thursday

By Steve Zekany - Posted on 27 July 2013

On Thursday, Patrol E packed up their campsite and headed back to base camp to size out bicycles. After an arduous trailer loading and unloading process, they arrived in town to orient themselves. Ohiopyle has a nice rail trail following the river, so the group set off down the trail to a favorite local rapid called Swimmers (so named for the number of people who tend to, ahem, exit their boat upon not running the rapid correctly). Upon arriving at the rapid, the group spend an extraordinary amount of time debating ways to lock up their bicycles. Scouter Matt, gaining frustration, decided to leave his bike out, with a dollar bill left on the bike seat visible to passers-by. An hour and a half later (after lunch and swimming down at the river) the bike and money were still there (thus conclusively disproving the existence of a massive bicycle theft conspiracy preying upon the rail trail denizens...) Upon returning to town, the group ate ice cream at a local spot and headed back up to camp for dinner.

Patrol F went sailing on Thursday. The day was sunny and warm, but light and fluky winds. Brendan lead the boys on a knot tying competition as we paddled out into the lake. Evan enjoyed swimming, and the other boys waded along the shore when we took our lunch break. Each of the boys took a turn at the helm. In the mid-afternoon the wind filled in, and they got a feel for sailing the boat. Kevin really focused and was suburb at sailing upwind, watching the jib carefully and pointing as high as the boat could. After we finished sailing, we headed down to the outfall campsite and the boys quickly set up camp and made dinner for themselves and the adults. As a reward for finishing up on time, we went to the nearby ice cream shop and treated them to a dish of their choice.