Patrol G Thursday/Friday

By Steve Zekany - Posted on 27 July 2013

Photos of Patrol G and D:

Thursday was downhill for Patrol G... and by that I mean down into the ground. After a fun morning of breaking camp for time and hiking around and setting it back up for time, under the kind and benevolent Drill Sergeant Fretz, the lads went CAVING. Since the patrol, under the ever-stronger leadership of Noah and Dawa, set a personal best 24 minutes for packup, they were rewarded with pizza and ice cream. A short drive to Laurel caverns and they were into the dark, confined, muddly spaces... AND LOVING IT. First year "Fred" Miller was the most enthusiastic. His quote upon exiting "THAT.....WAS..... AWESOME!!!". As the smallest spelunker, Fred was the only one to crawl up and through EVERY alternate challenging route proposed by the guide. Everyone else took the "normal" route. Fred was once heard from within a small tube "Hey, you said we should keep going until we get claustrophobic... I'm not claustrophobic yet...." Fred's other great quote was when they boys were discussing the two girls who were also in the caving group. "That other one, I'm not sure if you noticed, but I did because I looked right at her face, and she had a moustache!" A fountain of energy and detailed observations, this one is, ha ha. Back in the cars, David said "check out my pants", and I thought they looked like normal brown fleece pants, but he slapped them and a big cloud of dirt came off showing they were really gray. Lol. Good luck, parents, with your upcoming laundry tasks, ha ha!!! Friday evening they cooked up a nice steak fajita dinner and cobbler. Everyone is taking a turn cooking, including energetic Kethan. All their food is turning out quite edible!! Young Will and Andy J are doing nice work as mid-level team-mates, helping with all tasks, and providing a nice balance to this patrol. This morning they are packing up to hike out to their Bear Run campsite, setup,and return to town for our rafting expedition.

(G con'd, Friday). The galloping goofballs of G continue their successful ways, with a smooth navigation to camp. It seems the guys with 1 ft long legs go slower than the others, but they made accommodations! They were all full of energy because Fred gathered a quart of blackberries and made "jam" to put on them (this involved significant amounts of sugar, I assure you). Rafting was fun as always, with PERFECT weather. We joined a larger group of 15 rafts, so our 3 rafts got lost in the shuffle. Team G was scattered amongst the rafts. Fred, who was not in my raft, but a raft captained by someone less perfect than me (heh) , said about rafting " It was fun, except when we were stuck on that 12 ft tall rock called Cheeseburger and then slid off of it... that was scary... and painful... but rafting was awesome!. The mostly G team in my raft stayed upright and together throughout, but got a little cocky at the end and decided to shift EVERYONE to the back of the boat, making the front of the raft lift up out of the water and bounce over everything. We then adopted accents and told everyone we were in a "low-rider" while we made the raft bounce. Will was particularly amused by the fact that the back of the raft flooded while we did this, so we had the "bathtub upgrade". The professional guides just shook their heads and didn't even try to fix us, ha ha. Frankly, I blame Noah, because he was working on his raft captain skills and was just out of control as usual. : ) My other favorite memory was when another T8 boat tried to board us and throw everyone overboard. While Will and Adam Awesomeberry stymied the assault, I noticed the other boat had fewer and fewer people in it... because Dawa had boarded the boarders and was heaving them out of their boat like sacks of potatoes. So... let that be a lesson to ya, ha ha!!

The hike back in to camp was fine, and some minor issues with cooking were worked on. It seems that Dawa did not ask if anyone actually WANTED rice pudding before trying to make 2 quarts of it. Slowly.. slowly, we work out all the little details. They are now packing up to hike out so they can go back to base camp and set up, so they can take down, and then set up. Did I mention that one of the keys to learning is repetition!??? But, seriously, the last part of that is the start of the VENERABLE , CELEBRATED, SATURDAY PATROL COMPETITION!! I have high hopes for the young lads of Patrol G, stay tuned for updates!!