Patrol A Wednesday

By Steve Zekany - Posted on 27 July 2013

Patrol A then went off to the day's "river hike" activity. Normal people would hike to a river, but that's boring. Troop 8 hikes IN the river, a sort of wet splash/float down one of the tributaries. River levels are running high because of all the rain, which causes Scouter Connor to lead the gang down through the Cascades to their traditional lunch spot, while Connor scouted ahead to find a route turning around he finds the patrol in what appears to be an impromptu dance with Robby and Shawn leading the festivities. Quickly it was learned that this was the patrols defense against a disturbed wasp nest, but the moves shall forever be known as the dance of the bees. After lunch and, finding a way down the Cascades, Connor steps off into an unexpected hole and disappears, floating downstream. Sam Sauer is nearby and slips and follows Connor. Lucas Tittle decides this is great fun and jumps in too. At this point Scouter Matt stops the rest of the gang and they proceed to retrieve Connor, Lucas, and Sam. Lucas has made it to the wrong side of the river and catches a ride back with a passing kayaker. The guys decide that discretion is the better part of valor when it comes to higher than expected water and bail out onto an adjacent trail for the rest of the hike out, with Drew practicing first aid on a limping Scouter Connor, who tweaked his ankle in the Lucas retrieval operation. Has anyone noticed that Scouter Connor and Summer Camp Wednesdays are not a good combination? We think he does it just to give the boys real first aid experience.

The gang got picked up in the parking lot for the natural watersides and shuttled back to camp, where everyone changed for the evening's dinner-and-a-movie night.