Scout Salute!

By Bob Geier - Posted on 27 July 2009

As we dry out our gear and catch up on some sleep, it's important to take a moment to say "Thanks!" to the many special people who made summer camp work this year.  We know they do this for the kids, but when you get a chance, give them a thumb's up and pat on the back.

To our two scouts who spent the most time making summer camp work, Ryan Hibbs and Ben Pernick.

To our other "Patrol Z" guys who ran events all week and did an incredible amount of work and planning... Mark Schulte, Ray Batra, Steven Lawton, and James Dunbar.

To our Patrol Leaders and assistants, who took care of their guys all week:  Connor Thompson, Nathan Mahowald, Max Miller, Reggie Thornton, Nick Wei, Tim Kenny, Luke Mahowald, and Sam Taylor.

To Bonnie Dunbar and Rich Magner for their incredible work on buying and organizing food for 40 people for 23 meals!

To Janet Lawton for her wrangling of paperwork and May Wei and Kathy Nao for their wrangling of vehicles, and to the several families who were kind enough to loan us vehicles for the week.

To our young alumni assistant scoutmasters David Michaels, Ben Waldrop, Thomas Wiseman, and Seth Dawson,

To our old wise ASM's Jim Dunbar, Joe Mahowald, Eric Fretz, and ASM-Photography Max Miller "the dad".

And most especially to our core Scouter leaders for camp, Scoutmaster Steve and Summer Camp Director Colin, who put in more hours and love than I can count trying to make things special for the guys.