Shotguns and Rapids, and Pasta, Oh My!!

By Eric Fretz - Posted on 28 July 2010

Our mid-week break is now complete.  It was an action filled fun day, but hardly a break!!   The non-swimmers and younglings went to Seven Springs resort to try shotgun shooting.  By all reports they did FANTASTIC with most of them qualifying to work on Shotgun merit badge (meaning that shooting well enough to get a qualifying score, the hard part, is done!)  While they were off making the world dangerous for clay pigeons, the rest of us headed to the Yough river and had a grand old time on three rafts in a 60 person rafting group that had only 5 guides.  As you can imagine, the carnage of such a large group of rafters with varying (but generally little) skill was something to behold.  Even a few of the troop 8 raft captains got stuck a few times.  We're not sure who got ejected from the raft the most, but I think it was Tim Kenny.  Mik was completely run over by a raft, but eventually stopped trying to surface through the raft and swam out.  A great time was had by all, and really the only issue for us was the low level of the river made our 6 and 7 person rafts hang on the MANY barely hidden rocks.  We enjoyed watching families new to rafting , piled all four in the back of the raft, do spectacular four person ejections over and over.  We suggested a change in positioning, but, hey, what do WE know, eh?  Our rafts managed to rescue a few folks who went for a swim from other rafts.    
There were some interesting attempts at boarding parties from raft to raft.  The raiders damaged Scouter Steve's shirt, but then raft Master at Arms Fretz took on the invaders.  Chris Kuzel tried to resist the Fretz ejection system, but failed, however he did take me with him!  During our lunch stop we (and by we, I mean EVERYONE within 1000 yards) got to listen to Ryan talking about and reciting EVERY one of the new Old Spice commercials.   All in all a great rough and tumble day on the water!   The grand plan for showers for all was thwarted by clever insurgents like Jason Dean who put BACK ON his dirty shirt after cleaning up.  HE DID, however, also wear a CLIP ON BOW TIE?!?   I can't imagine he packed it, but then I can't imagine where he got it otherwise???   The boys are a constant source of amusement. 
Dinner at our favorite restaurant went down as planned, with a buffet of tasty Italian chow and endless pitchers of coke and mountain dew!  I think they had to replace the soda tank after our boys got through with them.  After relaxing there a bit, we gobbled down our Spumoni and zipped over to the movie theater to see Despicable Me, a quite amusing cartoon!  Now we are home, and I may actually get to bed before 11 for the first time this week!  
We're back to our old tricks tomorrow, with different groups going backpacking, sailing, canoeing, and biking.  I always look forward to a day of high-seas adventure with my fellow sailor Big Joe.  Let's hope for WIND!!  
Hope your week is going as well as ours!