From Sun to Snow

By Bob Geier - Posted on 19 February 2014

(This blog brought to you by Faux News reporters Pike, Shane, & Nima)

We went from cold and clear yesterday to (somewhat) warmer with SNOW! today on the mountain.  Awesome.

Today only 3 people have been hospitalized after the round hearth ran out of hot chocolate. The skiing was great except for that one thing, but who cares about that? Jacob and Thomas were patrolling the blue slopes along with their super awesome amazing instructors,(Mainly Nima).

The AAA (Andy, Andrew, and Aiden) were advancing to a level of blues never seen before, playing games of “follow the bouncing BoyScout” under the direction of the Vulture. It’s really easier to break bad habits and learn new ones by following a good skier and “spooning their tracks”. Captain Pike, Shaniel, and Dason Jean served as leader/instructors, and the guys were steadily improving. Aedan in particular was looking awesome. I blame Shane.

Also Joe Wader decided to fall 15 times on a green run and not once while totally ripping it up on black diamonds all afternoon. He might be the first Troop 8er to earn Skiing Merit Badge his in his first year. In other firsts, Mountain Drew and Paulousa-Josepha ventured down a double black diamond ultra-steep run, the first of the season. They claimed not to have fallen.

In other news the general peeps have decimated the hot cocoa and vending machines; we are expecting the cannibalism to start very soon. Only half of the still remaining scouts have some form of money left while the other half have used it to get on a massive sugar high that some fear will never stop. The PLC is still recovering from the emotional trauma that the Star Wars Holiday Special induced. To help show everyone what good skiing looks like we showed the James Bond movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, which included many a ski chase/gunfight.

Meanwhile a mighty battle of Risk has dissevered (“dissevered?” what is dissevered? Don’t you people have English teachers? -Editor ) the troop into a many sided war which we can only hope will end peacefully. The pestilence of the card game Magic/Yugio/Pokemon (they are all the same thing) has hypnotized and mesmerized Thomas, Jacob, Patrick, DREW, and many more scouts.

Instructor Shaniel demonstrating good form.

Finally, in late-breaking news, Scouter Steve (Lil’ Z) has finally made it to down despite efforts by Delta to strand him in Philadelphia. Wednesday is our R&R day. Plans include a Ben & Jerry’s factory tour, some ice skating and other things. Everyone is doing well in the sleep deprivation experiment, and the skiing has been really awesome!