Sunday Updates

By Bob Geier - Posted on 25 July 2017

Now that things have settled in a bit we can share some other tales and updates!

My collaborators remind me that I neglected to report the excitement at Sunday morning church - in - the - field. After a rainy night, Sunday morning mass services in the field got started at 9:30 with “Amazing Grace” led by cantor Joe Hood, with several of the scouts doing the readings. About the time of the gospel, the swarm of ground hornets that Robin had been complaining about got loose, and there was a mad scramble as Emmet, Thomas, Dawa, Robin and others dodged the explosion of angry hymenoptera. The guys all took the stings and arrows of outrageous fortune in stride, and we finished up services with prayers for all of the folks back home and wishes for improving weather.

Patrol E’s group on Sunday was out on the river hike. Starting at a waterfall on Adams Creek with a great swimming hole, Evan and Sawyer began a cleanup effort removing the trash to clean things up for others. The river proceeded downstream with scrambles over big log and beaver dams, with Emmet leading the way with great scramble-climbing enthusiasm. PL Liam started water balloon fights with his detachable kilt pockets from his Goretex kilt. Drew Creech found a lost GoPro camera, which we later determined had been submerged in the river since 2015! Eventually the group made it down to the Delaware, where Liam and Evan decided to leave the state by swimming across the Delaware in the boat-steps of George Washington, while Emmet successfully skipped rocks at least half way there.

Patrol G meanwhile was out small-boat sailing with Captains Joe on lake Swartswood. Jonathan and Gus spent considerable time practicing Man Overboard drills on the trimaran. Once they had their maneuvering down they progressed to full pirate mode and launched boarding parties to capsize other patrol members sailing in the Sunfish. Patrol Leader Mark Hood fended them off, but APL Parker succumbed to pirates and earned a spot in Davey Jones’s locker. Evan Rago assumed helm after Evan bailed out and came and rescued people. After a full day of sailing, the guys opted to continue water fun at Millford Beach on the Delaware, and eventually returned tired and happy. The rain is expected back tonight, but we're hoping for a reprieve tomorrow!