THURSDAY (Day 5) better late than never!

By Eric Fretz - Posted on 27 July 2012

Update THURSDAY   A big day of challenge and personal growth.  Sorry for the delay, but all adult resources were engaged in support for the boys last nite as we cooked and settled down during a massive storm.  We are soggy but in good spirits this Friday morning.

PATROL A  dd the river hike.  With the rain, levels are up, and they were able to do some floating as well as hiking.  Scouter in Training Doug Klein went along and reported that in the battle between his behind and the rocks, the rocks won.  Drew took the lead and had to be reined in. : )  Young Atty kept up a good pace.   Dylan, who will win our "determination" award this week, got his foot stuck and twisted, and the river ate his shoe.  So, minus a shoe and with two bad wheels, he finished the hike.  He's fine, but we need to improve his "foot karma" !!    No quit in these kids!!!  They finished the hike at the famous "natural waterslide" .  Again with the water levels up, they were a bigger adventure than normal.  After checking to ensure it was within our "adventure vs safety" envelope, the boys gave it a shot.  I hasten to point out, there were groups of 20 yr old guys  who were scared of going all the way down.  Once they saw our boys go, THEN they went, ha ha! 

PATROL D went caving and enjoyed their muddy fun.  Liam, Bean, Shane, and Thomas were busy sliding through tight spaces exploring the lower levels of the cave.   At the very bottom of cave Scouter Max had nature call, so he got to hike into and out of the cave twice!   This place was odd in that they made the boys sign WAIVERS if they wanted to wear SHORTS ???   Evan battled his claustrophobia quite successfully to enjoy his day underground.  Good work. 

PATROL  E  did Low ropes and they were described as  " a curious mixture of angels and demons"   In order to help them focus, Scouter Jim offered them the option of marching back and forth to camp or doing Low Ropes properly.  Choices thus clarified, they had a fine day of activities.   They did the spider-web activity twice, and by all accounts the spider web got the worst of it.  During lunch, Brandon, who was disappointed by lack of rain in the AM, stood under a dripping roof edge for lunch. (no, we don't understand it either...)  

PATROL F   did Navigation.   This group returned back to having missing compasses : (    They did the best lost exercise.  They chose hikes on vastly different routes, ended together at same time hours later.  Very curious.  Scouter Max reports that the steep route his group chose should be marked "for youngsters only", ha ha.  Afterwards, we went for  Ice cream.

PATROL G   went rafting and had a blast.   Noah had to sit up front, and got soaked regularly.  Just to ensure total wetness, Tim pushed him out of the raft at the end. Once on the river, Ryan Gooch shared that he was VERY anxious about the rapids.  TOO LATE NOW, ha ha!   After a rapid or two, he left his stress behind and was laughing it up by the end!  Another Troop 8 water warrior in the making!!   During the slower parts of the river,  Will, Dawa, and David took turns chucking each other out of the raft....boys being boys. 

A major storm is rolling in on us for the (this was Thursday) afternoon merit badge sessions.  We are not washed out, but we are well moistened!