Thursday Photos

By Earl (God) - Posted on 21 February 2014

Some Thursday photos to share!

Blue skies over the Gondola run.  Gondolier is in the center.  Perry Merrill (Merry Peril) is behind the trees on the left.


Liam trying blue runs.


Ben enjoying warm weather skiing.


Instructor Jason leading some of the morning lessons for the guys.


Scouter Steve setting up the SkyNet drone video system on the mountain.


Dawa and the SkyNet drone on the slopes.


This isn't likely to have a happy ending.  Certainly an amusing one, though!




Mountain Drew demonstrating the telemark traverse.


Nima does his good turn for the day.


Trip leader Dawa Dorje picking up the telemark turn.


Patrick on the telemark run.


Thomas trying to cheat his telemark turn by paralleling.  I think it's going to end badly.


Many of the telemarkers starting down their first intermediate run.  This might end badly, too.


Yep.  Just one of the thousand falls required to become an expert.


And a few more bite the dust.  Patrick, what are you doing to that tree?


They do improve over time.  Seriously, great job by all the telemark guys!