Update #1 : )

By Eric Fretz - Posted on 22 July 2013

WELL!   We have had an excellent first day at camp!   Our journey yesterday was relatively uneventful.  A little turnpike construction by our lunch stop split the two highway lanes, making it impossible to exit for lunch unless you were in the right lane.  Only one vehicle missed it and had to loop around and come back, but I won't mention who it was because it was just a small problem. (but, I will note.... in German, small is pronounced "klein").  : )    The boys did a reasonable job eating a variety of ghastly fast foods.  I caught Will eating cole slaw, which I pointed out to him was MADE OF VEGETABLES!!!!... but he seemed unfazed. Our arrival at camp was smooth, as we are old hands with this campsite.  The boys got set up quickly, cooked a remarkably not-bad meal, and got to bed.   Since Bob joined us at camp, we or course had some rain today.  I enjoyed a savory breakfast sandwich from my friends in Patrol G.  They did not tell me that executive chef Davide Endicott had cooked the egg "over easy", so I wore a good amount of yolk, but it was quite tasty.   We then had a raucous two hours of knot tying instruction and competition.  Patrol D took top honors with their consistently fast running, and solid knot tying by all scouts.  Bean was "fastest rope in the west" regardless of knot, and even new guys Tony and Adam "Awesomeberry" completed almost every knot.  Liam, Thomas, and Brandon also stayed focused and mastered every knot.  They got so far ahead, in fact, that Bob the game-master started giving them extra and extra hard knots to slow them down, but they still won.  They of course did not make fun of any other patrol or gloat at all.  - Then we practiced breaking down our camp, packing packs, and resetting camp, in preparation for tomorrow's diaspora to separate camp sites.  OF COURSE, it had to start raining once we had all our gear exposed!!  The lads handled it with aplomb, though.  The camp is set back up and they are still pretty dry.  But those cotton beach towels, eww... those are already nasty.  (inevitable I'm afraid).   After a quick lunch, we all loaded up in cars for a trip to the local natural water slide.  Tailor-made for our smaller size scouts, they all made multiple trips down.  I'm happy to report without major injury!!  They swam in the pools, shot down the chutes, and, um, MAYYYYBE one kid got swept over the waterfall (ahem, Brandon, ahem), but that might have just been a rumor.  I can personally attest he is presently alive and cooking pineapple upside-down cake.  So, anyway, we are damp, tired, and headed to bed.  We shall endeavor to share additional news and pictures as the days go by! - EBF