We're here, We're Here, WE'RE HERE!

By Bob Geier - Posted on 23 July 2017

Greetings to all our friends back home in Michigan!

The merry gang of scouts has survived the long haul to the Delaware Water Gap, despite Earl’s steady rain all across Pennsylvania. A shout out to our dedicated parent drivers Marc Bradshaw and Mike Austerberry, along with all of the young scouters who put up with FAR too many choruses of “99 bottles of beer on the wall” and related shenanigans. To be fair, driving in Troop 8 is always a unique experience, because in addition to the “Are we there yets?” we also have Thomas explaining the economics of bitcoin to Luca, discussions of the merits of various formulations of quantum mechanics, and scout navigators occasionally taking their drivers on inadvertent side trips to Maryland,..

The gang arrived and got set up pretty quickly despite the drizzle, as the patrol leaders took off to the local grocer with the guys’ first round of meal purchases. Scouter Ray our intrepid summer camp director had the patience to put up with the high humor of boys’ food shopping at 10pm (“No, 12 boxes of Ho-hos is not a breakfast”). Actually, the guys did pretty well, and everyone settled in for a drizzly night.

The morning dawned warm and humid, but has since cleared up nicely. Patrols A and D this morning packed up the camp that they had just set up, and prepared to head off on an overnight backpacking trek along the famous Appalachian Trail. Ben in Patrol A had a very interesting time trying to find the Appalachian Trail, and took his car to visit Port Jarvis, NY, before deciding that North was really the opposite of South. Luca, Kantaro, and Wyatt were well loaded up along with the rest of the Patrol A crowd, and all of them aced Scouter Bob’s spontaneous “what poison ivy looks like” test.

Meanwhile, Patrol E and G are also out of camp today on day trips. One of them is out on a Troop 8 traditional “river hike” where they are exploring a local steep-creek river by hiking… IN the river. It is normally high humor as people slip, flop, slide, splash and otherwise fall their way downstream while exploring nooks, crannies, and waterfalls (what’s a “crannie”, actually? We’re all wondering). The second group is out with Scouter Joe and Scouter Joe (Mahowald and Hood) on a small boat sailing day, splitting up with a few guys in Sunfish sailboats plus the Mahowald trimaran.

So everyone is off to a good start, camp is settling in, and we’re looking forward to a fun week!