A Wild Weekend

By Thomas Larsen - Posted on 30 July 2017

Hey y’all,

As we finish our week-long adventure in the lush forests, winding rivers, and rocky trails of the Delaware Water Gap we are sending out a final update. We culminated a fun week of outdoor activities with an even better weekend.

Saturday was our all-day, high-energy, inter-patrol competition. Patrols worked as team to complete a series of events designed to challenge them in the skills they learned throughout the week.

The first event in the competition was the “wheels and heels” race– a two-mile relay race involving both biking and running. Mark Hood started the race with an impressive tumble over his handlebars as he rounded a sharp corner but was back on his bike before you could blink. Mark and his patrol came back to win second place in the race with a gleaming smile.

Owen Johnson, however, was the true star of the race after he built an impressive lead for Patrol D in the 1-mile bike segment. Patrol D went on to win first place in the “wheels and heels” race by a good 30 seconds. Fred Wallace (Patrol G) and Emmett Shaw (Patrol E) astounded the audience with a nail-biting finish; with Fred pulling ahead at the last second to secure second place.

Later in the morning came the wilderness survival challenge. Patrols were tasked with building a survival shelter capable of sleeping one person and sheltering them from rain in a mere 90 minutes. Patrol D built an impressive shelter– complete with a cobblestone wall and shingles made of bark. Unfortunately, the waterproofing was not as well thought out. Nonetheless, their valiant patrol leader, Daniel McNeil, “volunteered” to the experience the “rain test” (pouring a bucket of water on the shelter) and got a little wet. Patrols A and G both built impressive shelters, which gave the judges a headache trying to choose a winner. There was much controversy when it was announced that Mark Hood, of Patrol G, was less wet than Ben Sherrick (A).

After lunch, we brought back an old Troop 8 tradition: skits impersonating older scouts and adults. Patrols were given 24 hours to create a skit poking fun at the amusing mannerisms of senior leaders. Highlights from these skits include Gus Johnson’s impersonation of Pike Briggs where he exaggerated Pike’s passionate gestures, fashion choices, and stubbornness. Tommy Simon played a convincing Noah Dean, highlighting his unwarranted fear of millipedes. Other stars were Jonathan Wild's mockery of Dawa Dorje, Bean Rago’s spot-on Shane Steinl, and Mark Hood’s savagery of Thomas Larsen.

After a good laugh, we dove into a high stakes game of Troop 8 Jeopardy. There was much outrage when it was discovered that the entire “pop culture” category was made up of questions about Taylor Swift (thanks to our intrepid trip leaders). This, however, did not stop Patrol D from sweeping the board; answering even the most difficult Taylor Swift questions.

The next event, a “wheelbarrow race,” gave scouts flashbacks to their elementary school field days. A big surprise came when Wyatt McNamara and Kantaro Inoki carried Patrol A to a victory, defeating even a stand-in Patrol Z team!

After dinner, the troop kicked off its annual “Statistical Probabilities Seminar” (a night of card games) by celebrating the birthdays of Ben Sherrick and Finn Sweeney. Scouts feasted on two gigantic frosted birthday cakes complete with “minions” cake toppers. Jonatan Wild shocked everybody with his poker skills despite it being his first time playing.

This morning, everybody worked together to clear out of our campsite in time for the 9:30 mass at St. Luke’s Church in Stroudsburg. We said goodbye to the venture crew as they set off on their week-long sailing expedition in the Chesapeake Bay and are making good speed on our return trip.

We are very happy to have continued the beloved Troop 8 summer camp tradition and are excited to embark yet again next July!