This is Troop 8’s general climbing "curriculum." While any instructor is likely to have his or her own preferred progression, Troop 8 has established some basic outlines and traditions which may be used as guides. These are the steps for first-time climbers, though all scouts must review the basics the first time out for the season.


The first sessions are not done at a wall or site, so folks won’t be distracted by other climbers. These sessions are instructional and therefore shorter, because of attention span considerations. Care should be taken to observe scouts whose attention spans are not long enough for these sessions - they should be excluded from any Venture or climbing activity until they mature.


The first set of lessons are generally done in order. By the time we’re doing field work, the progression becomes somewhat more flexible, because of the need to work with the features of the area we are using. Specific climbing techniques (finger & hand jams, mantles, chimney techniques, etc.) are not listed because they are generally introduced according to what’s available in the area(s) we’re using.


Sometimes multiple sessions can be combined, if, for example, you bring some climbing gear on a regular flatland campout and have more time. Care should be taken in these cases to keep the same number of "review & reteach" sessions at a later date, to be sure that all participants repeat the skill enough to genuinely learn it.