Fair Weather Only

Generally speaking, almost all Troop 8 events are run "rain or shine", except in hazardous weather.


Events marked as "Fair Weather Only" have a high potential to be disrupted by unusual or inclement weather. An event may be marked "Fair Weather Only" for at least one of two reasons: if the event cannot be run except in good weather, or if we anticipate an unseasonal weather problem based on the forecast, such as lack of snow in advance of a ski trip.


If an event is marked "Fair Weather Only", we ask that you pay attention to phone or email updates you may receive from the Trip Leader or your Patrol Leader. You may also check the web site for updates, but please remember that "no news is good news", and all Troop 8 events are "on" until they are expressly canceled.


Troop 8 also follows the Ann Arbor Public Schools' schedule in the event of severe weather. That is, if AAPS cancels school, we cancel any Troop 8 event that occurs the same day.