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Earl is the Troop 8 God of weather and all things outdoors. His name is mainly invoked in prayers of supplication and frustration, as the rainstorm turns to a sleet storm and then to marble-sized hail. Just as with Abraham, Moses, and Elijah, the truly saintly outdoorsmen in the troop will occasionally be heard arguing with Earl about his determination to wreak havoc and destruction, or complaining about the ridiculous tasks and weather which have been assigned to their lot. For mere mortals and tenderfeet, we strongly suggest that you not ever attempt to argue with Earl. In those very rare cases where Earl actually provides good weather (aka a "sucker hole"), or a beautiful vista, or a climbing face where holds don't break off in your hand when you're already pumped, it is appropriate to thank Earl for his mercy. More frequently, when you've just slid down a mud embankment to be plunged face-first into an icy river, it's appropriate to thank Earl for his sense of humor. Or, well, at least it's appropriate for all of your hiking companions to thank Earl!

Interests: being awesome, history, just being outdoors, pitying the fool, pondering life the universe and everything, Scheming Sinister Plans for World Domination!

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