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Four score seven years ago in a galaxy far far away.... not much happened.
On a different note...

Some of the most adventurous scouts in Michigan ventured to the toughest place in America (MSU campus) to complete the toughest task (sitting in a room while having a civilized conversation) on a quest known as the TLC. These members were given the responsibility of assigning Webelos to their patrols based on skill, wisdom, and whether or not their name is Shane Steinl.

But Fred saw corruption in the system. Pike "Clown" Briggs was not willing to step down to end quarrel among the alphabet. Fred took this opportunity to create a new order of officially unofficial scouts to lead a new revolution. He and a few scouts escaped the evil land of East Lansing, with Adam to distract the rest, to lead a newly formed regime of the previously unrepresented majority.

Little is known about what is happening in the dark parts of society. These initiates are trained to operate silently (from a relative standpoint), gaining power in our troop. Some think they're a joke. But the message is clear: ALL HAIL THE NEW REGIME!  

Favorite Books: How to Read

Favorite Music: I Don't Listen to Music

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Doctor Who

Favorite Trips: (RRG)

Interests: Doctor Who, Hello Internet - The Podcast, Knights Of The Carbon Fiber Plated Crystalline Compound Dodecahedron Table, trumpet

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