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By Ben Pernick - Posted on 01 March 2009

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Roadmap for Events

Purpose    Look_and_Feel   Picture


  • Everyone
    • Time and Location
    • Description
    • Photo
  • Scout
    • Why he should come (in description)
    • Signup opportunity
    • Gear list
    • Photo needs to be "awesome" looking
    • Trip leader to contact
    • Who else is coming
    • A way to post questions about trip (through patrol)
  • Scouts Parent
    • Why it's safe for little Johnny to come with a big 6'6" Rark to New York (in description)
    • Photos of lots of kids with smiles on their faces
    • AFL to contact
    • Emergancy Contact Info
    • Non-dues costs
    • Gear list
    • Sign-up
  • Webelos
    • What trips he can come on
    • Sign-up opportunity
    • Big brother older scout to talk too, with contact information
    •  Photos that look again "awesome"
  • Webelos Parent
    • Adult to contact
    • More pictures of kids with smiles
    • Why smaller Johnny should go with even bigger looking Rark to Mt. Brighton, and not get seriously injured.
  • PLC Members/Trip Leader
    • All scout info
    • TCP
    • Previous trip notes (especially for trip leader)
    • Food plan information (Number of dinners, breakfast, and lunches + any special notes on that)
    • Special notes from trip leader
  • Scouter/AFL
    • All scout info
    • Car space info
    • ?????
  • People Just looking at our site
    • Nothing extra

Okay, so now we have what we need on our website, and feel free to add things as you wish, next comes organizing:

Look and Feel

Okay, so now how do we want to lay this out. This is my vision:

Two possible way to view events, one in a list view like the old website, and one with a calendar view.

  • Calendar View
    • Display in time blocks of Months
    • Have the following info:
      • Title (Linked to main event page)
      • Time (Time, no date)
      • Location
      • Event Conditions
    • On mouse hover
      • Javascript popup of:
      • Picture
      • Title (Linked to main event page)
      • Event time (With both date and time)
      • Location possible with more description
      • Teaser portion of description
      • more ... link on the bottom to link to main even page
  • List View
    • List all events on one page
    • Following info:
      • Title (Linked to main event page)
      • Time (Just date)
      • Event Condtions
    • No mouse hover popup because to many things will be popping up

Now we get into how the the event looks when you click on the link to it. I'm not completely developed in my thinking of this yet


(Missing Picture)


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Mark Schulte


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In terms of the list view, I

In terms of the list view, I think there's probably some merit in thinking about "what is it that people need to look up fast?".  I think that's probably date, time, and meeting location.   So I'd add time and meeting location to that view.  There should be room.


I think it's really interesting the subdivision by role.  I've essentially been setting up so that we have the capacity to present different front page, navigation, etc. to parents vs. scouts (and other roles).   It seems like the description should have an "adult info" field seperate from the kid info field perhaps?  We can definitely present the Field Leader info only to the parents.  Trip Leader and Field Leader should be multiple entry fields. 


How are you thinking of handling previous trip information?  There's a lot of it.  Is that going to be a separate content type/table in your mind, or a field group under event (with the notion of multiple revisions)?  That's going to matter a lot.  How those links get established will be important for functionality.


Last thing is that depending on what you're thinking of in terms of look & feel, I'm not sure we need to limit ourselves to one photo the way it was with the old site.   That might be an option (because it's easy for new trip leaders to do), but it might also be that you want whoever is writing the description to be able to drop in several photos.  That's really the point behind using FCKE, and I've pretty much decided that we should use IMCE for a file of trip promo photos at least.